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12 yard:$295.00  20 yard:$450.00

 Fill 'er up! Includes pick up, drop off, 1 ton of garbage and rental!

Instructions & Restrictions

Loading Instructions
Please try to distribute the weight of your waste evenly. The customer will be responsible for damages caused by uneven weight distribution, such as a bin or truck tipping over.

The container must be loaded evenly with a level load. If the bin is not loaded correctly, the customer is responsible for unloading and properly reloading the container. The customer is responsible for the cost of any lost driver and equipment time, including recall service to collect or deliver the bin. Recall, non-delivery service, or driver and equipment time is billed at $125.00 per hour, with a one-hour minimum.

Recycle Symbol

Allowed & Restricted Items

Permitted Items:

• Lumber, Siding, & Drywall
• Roofing & Shingles
• Cabinets, Windows, & Doors
• Decking
• Wiring
• Insulation
• Fixtures
• Piping

• Concrete, Asphalt, Brick, Rock, Stone, Sod, Loam, & Dirt
   (Not included in "all in" price if these items are found in bin renter must pay seperate recycling fees)
• Carpet & Flooring
• Landscaping Debris (Limbs, Brush, Plants, Bushes & Grass)
• All Types of Metal
• Standard Household Material or Business Waste
• Appliances

Non-Permitted Items:

• No Hazardous Materials
• No Batteries or Tires
• No Animal Byproducts
• No Toxic Materials

• No Freon, Oil, or Other Regulated Chemicals
• No Gasoline, Propane
• No Flammable Chemicals, Paints, or Aerosols
• No Waste That Requires a License or Permit to Transport

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