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STUff you should know

Have a garbage bin dropped at your home or construction site


Dirt, rock, concrete and sod are not permitted in the bin.  Oils, chemicals, asbestos and paint can't go into the dumpster either.  No explosives or propane canisters can go into the garbage bin rental


Please keep your garbage bin at a level load.  If the dumpster is over loaded and the driver deems it unsafe, you will be charged $100.   Keep in mind the driver wants to take your bin, and he may remove extra items weren't properly loaded.  Load your garbage bin evenly.  If one side of the dumpster is considerably heavier than the other, the bin will tip when lifting, and the customer will be charged damages.  


Q:  Are there extra charges?

A: If the driver goes to pick your bin and its inaccessible, you will be charged $100.00.  If the bin is not properly loaded and the driver has to come back you will be charged $100.00

Q: Are there any surcharges?

A: Only on mattresses.  There is a $25.00 on a mattress

Q: How long can I keep my garbage bin?

A: You can have the bin for 3 weeks to a month with no extra fee